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Dr. Sarang Rote is a Consultant Neurosurgeon & Neurointerventionist in Pune. He had very well focused training from specialty specific Legends in Neurosurgery as well as with new generation Neurosurgeons around the world. He is trained in Neurointervention form the pioneers of Neurointervention and many others. Also he is well trained in use of all new advanced minimal invasive modalities, and technology. His area of interest are-

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Dr. Sarang Rote is one of the Leading Neurosurgeon in Pune. He has completed his M.B.B.S from Rural Medical college, Loni (M.U.H.S). And M.S. General Surgery at Dr D Y Patil Medical college, Pimpri, Pune. Following which he has joined as associate consultant at Hinduja hospital. Mahim, Mumbai.
Dr. Sarang Rote has operated Many patients in Pune and also other parts of Maharashtra. He has been doing extraordinary neurosurgical work in cranial and spinal trauma, Brain and spine tumor, Microscopic spine surgery, Endoscopic spine surgery.
Best Neurosurgeon in Pune Dr. Sarang Rote has a Specialist in Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon (Microscopic/Endoscopic/Neurointerventional procedure), Skull Base Neurosurgeon (Microscopic/Endoscopic/Key Hole Neurosurgery/& Tumor Embolization), Stroke Interventionist (Acute Ischemic- Thrombectomy/Thrombolysis), (Hemorrhagic- Microscopic/Endoscopic). Dr. Sarang Rote is dedicated person towards the patient with excellent Neuro Surgical Skills.
He is expertise in Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery, Carotid Endarterectomy/ Stenting, Vascular Bypass surgery, Stroke Intervention, Complex Brain Tumors, Brainstem Tumors & other Lesions, Complex skull base tumors, Pituitary surgery, Tumor embolization.

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