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Brain Tumor Surgery Doubts from patients mind

The Idea of writing this blog is to clear doubts in Brain tumor patients' minds of brain surgery. When they know that surgery is performed by a specialist neurosurgeon in Pune, then they remove the doubts or fears from the patient’s mind.

Best Neurosurgeon in Pune Dr. Sarang Rote who has special expertise in brain tumor surgery. He uses minimally invasive techniques including endoscopic reception, advanced localization with inter-operative surgical guidance and ultrasound, and brain mapping to get the best idea about patients’ brain to minimize the surgery risk


Brain Tumor treatment there are many reasons to do surgery.


  1. We recognition the tumor by using pathology examination
  2. We try to reduce the brain tumor size and also reduces the pressure that is placing on the area of the brain.

A subspace of brain tumors can be restored with surgical resection and for the team of this process is of neurosurgeons, pathologists, and neuroradiologists. Even if there is no possibility to restore tumor then this tumor is trying to reduce as possible as by using other surgical intervention

Dr. Sarang offers surgical procedures like endoscopic neurosurgery, biopsy, radiosurgery. He is trying to match the best possible treatment every patient

After surgery best neurosurgeon in Pune takes care of patients that’s why the environment allows for safe and comfortable care for patients in the immediate post-operative period.






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